Supporting Companies Around the world

Do You Need Our Help?

The Red Badge organisation has assisted a variety of industry sectors within the UK, the wider European Union and the Middle East, either directly or with via one of our trusted partners. Typically we face off to senior IT executives who are faced with challenges similar to these:

  • When you have to demonstrate an increase in the effectiveness and the efficiency of the support operation while reducing costs.
  • Those organisations that are being challenged to maximise the business value of the IT Services they provide.
  • Organisations who are targeting customer and revenue growth and need the confidence that the underpinning IT Service Provision is not at risk.
  • When you feel that your IT resources are having to focus on fire-fighting and never finding time for the important stuff?
  • When your organisation is increasingly coming across ITIL or ISO/IEC 20000 or ITSM in business development opportunities and need to know what it means to you or how best to begin alignment in this area.
  • When you want to develop your support operation along best practice guidelines?
  • Organisations that are undergoing a period of acquisition or merging with another.
  • When you come under significant pressure to do it better, cheaper or faster!